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You Want To Make A Positive Difference Helping Children In-Need & The Community You Live In?

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Shrine Game in Pittsburg

The Path To Becoming A Shriner Begins With Taking Two Steps...

STEP #1:

To Become A Shriner, A Man Must First Become A Master Mason. If You Are Not Yet A Mason, Take The First Step To Becoming A Shriner And Join A Local Masonic Lodge. You Will Work Closely With Good Men From Your Local Lodge As You Move Forward On The Path To Becoming A Shriner. Congratulations, You Are On Your Way!  

FYI… Freemasons Are Part Of The Oldest Fraternal Organization In The World. Started During The Middle Ages In Europe As A Guild Of Skilled Builders. Over The Centuries, The Focus Of The Society Shifted To A Social Fraternity. One Of The Most Famous Masons In The U.S., Was President George Washington, Who Joined The Masonic Lodge In Fredericksburg, Virginia, At The Age Of Twenty In 1752. To Find The Local  Kansas Masonic Lodge Near You, Please Visit The Link Below…

In Addition To George Washington And Millions Of Masons Around The World, Here Are A "FEW" Notable Masons You Might Know:

Gerald Ford

Brad Paisley

Winston Churchill

Benjamin Franklin

Dave Thomas

Leonardo DiCaprio

Andrew Jackson

Theodore Roosevelt

John Glenn

Michael Richards

Clark Gable

Jesse Jackson

John Wayne

Harry S Truman

Steve Wozniak

Phil Collins

Shaquille O’Neal

Ernest Borgnine

Peter Sellers

Don Rickles

The Path To Becoming A Shriner Begins With Taking Two Steps...

STEP #2:

Once A Freemason Has Completed The First Step And Becomes A Master Mason, The Second Step In Becoming A Shriner Is To Petition Mirza Shrine For Membership. Petitioning Mirza Shriners For Membership IS the Second Step In Becoming A Shriner.

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